List of Basic ValueTrack Parameters

Adding ValueTrack parameters to your URL allows you to record details about ads via certain parameters within Google Adwords. One of the coolest things about ValueTrack is that these parameters can be dynamic, which simply means the values can change based on certain criteria. For example, you could create a URL with the “keyword” parameter like:{keyword}

Then, when someone searches for “alligator shoes”, the keyword parameter would populated like this:

Having dynamic parameters can save you a lot of work because you don’t have to hard code a unique URL for every single ad. In fact you can create a URL template within Adwords that will allow you to copy and paste a few parameters in one spot and the parameters will be automatically appended to every ad within a account, campaign or ad group. Doing that takes 2 minutes and here is post on how to set up a URL template:

Here are some of the basic ValueTrack parameters you should consider. Tend currently tracks all of these parameters automatically so there is no setup you need to do on our end if you want to use these parameters.

ValueTrack parameters are now a standard part of the "parameter report" so you can associate parameters with conversions.

  • {campaignid} – The Adwords campaign ID.

  • {adgroupid} – The Adwords ad group.

  • {network} – What network the click came from: “g” for Google search, “s” for a search partner, or “d” for the Display Network

  • {creative} – A unique ID for your ad so that you can see the specific ad copy

  • {keyword} – For the Search Network, this is the keyword from your account that is matched to the search query. For the Display Network, this is the keyword from your account that is matched to the content.