Set up Wufoo with Tend

To get Tend to capture form submissions automatically with Wufoo forms, you have two options:

Option 1: Download the HTML/CSS

You can find by selecting “Share” under the Form Manager.


On the bottom of the Share page, you will see the button to download the HTML/CSS.


By using the raw HTML/CSS from Wufoo, Tend will be able to read the form’s input, and properly track the data.

Option 2: Add a redirect link

1. On the forms tab, click “edit”.


2. Click “form settings”


3. Under “confirmation options” select “redirect to website”.


4. Click “Template Tags”


5. Find the template tag API IDs for “email”, “first name” and last name”


6. Enter a confirmation page* on your site plus the tracking URL that includes the API IDs


The tracking URL you want to create looks something like this:{entry:Field15}&firstName={entry:Field1}&lastName={entry:Field2}

Your field numbers and your site will be different.

7. Click “Save”

8. Congratulate yourself for being very smart.

*You’ll probably want to create a little confirmation page on your site to let your users know they completed the form through your CMS.