Basic Install

To set up Tend, copy and paste Tend's tracking code on every page of your website that you want to track. Then, every page view on your site will be collected and displayed through Tend's searchable dashboard.

When anyone enters their email address into any form on your site, that person will show up as an identified contact in Tend along with all of their previous visits.

If you use a third-party party software to collect email addresses like Leadpages, Wufoo, Typeform, Shopify etc Tend can usually pull in that information and associate the contact with their full visit history.

Learn more about getting set up in our "Install" section.


Once your tracking script is installed, you'll see a summary of identified contacts and their visit history in the dashboard. Scrolling through your dashboard will give you a good sense of which websites referred people to your site as well as the pages they visited once they were on the site.

Learn more about the dashboard → here

Using the search

Tend's search feature answers your marketing questions. A good starting point for using the search is to type in a referrer to see how many people came from that referrer. If you type in "Facebook", you'll see every identified contact from Facebook.

You can also search for a page on your site to see who visited that page. For example, if you type in "pricing" you'll see everyone who looked at your pricing page. Or typing in "thank-you" will show you everyone made it to a payment or form thank you page.

Learn more about using the search → here

Creating Segments

A segment is a group of people defined by a common action or attribute. Here are some examples of how you might define segments.

  • Sign up - visited the form "thank-you" page
  • Engaged - returned to the website more than 5 times.
  • Customer - made a purchase with Stripe

Once you create segments you can search for them in the dashboard, see them in the reports or create alerts and automations with our Zapier integration.

Learn more about segments → here

Tracking specific ads, paid keywords or emails

UTM parameters and Google's ValueTrack parameters are a way to identify a specific ad, paid keyword or tracking link in an email. Tend automatically pulls in UTM parameters and ValueTrack parameters. You can see them in the dashboard, search for them or view them broken out in the parameter reports.

Learn more about UTM parameters → here

Learn more about ValueTrack parameters → here

Automations & Alerts with Zapier

Tend's Zapier integration lets you pull in information from other software applications in to Tend and push the information Tend has to other applications. All of this is done through Zapier's software so you don't need custom code to connect Tend to over 1,000 other applications.

You can see some pre-made templates here or you can create your own custom automation.

Learn more about our Zapier Integration → here