Events Overview

When you spend time and money on marketing you usually have a goal you’re trying to hit. Sometimes the goal is simple, like filling out a form on your website. But most of the time, you want some other event to happen.You may want to:

  • Set up a demo.
  • Have a phone call.
  • Issue a proposal.
  • Get paid!!

These events are usually tracked in other software. But since they don’t take place on your website, it’s hard to see how well your marketing activities are driving these events.

Now you can push these events into Tend. When you do this, you’ll see these actions on each contacts timeline along with all the other information Tend provides.

You’ll be able to search for these events along with any marketing tactic. For example, you could see how many proposals you sent out came from a Google Adwords ad.

Or you could search for Facebook ads that generated more than $1,500.

Our Zapier integration lets you trigger alerts and automated workflows in other software based on events. Let’s say you’ve had a proposal out for a while. When the prospect comes back to your site or visits a certain page, you can trigger an a slack notification or add a to do in Trello to follow up.

Pushing events into Tend is easy. It typically takes a few minutes for your developer to do.

Or you can use our Zapier integration to push events from other applications to Tend without a developer.