How to evaluate marketing tactics

With Tend you can search your information and get answers to your marketing questions. Here are a few starting questions that will help you think about your marketing efforts and understand how effective they are:

Does this tactic accomplish its goal?

When you try a marketing tactic like running an ad campaign or writing a blog post you want to see if it led to a goal. For example, "Did our Facebook ad campaign drive customers"?

To see this you'd type in both "customer" and "Facebook" into the search. Then you'll see contacts who are part of the customer segment and came from Facebook.

Here are a few examples of tactics:

  • Blogging
  • Running ads on Facebook or Google
  • Creating an affiliate program
  • Sending an email newsletter
  • Testing a landing page

Here are a few examples of goals:

  • Viewed a payment thank you page
  • Signed up for a free trial
  • Added to "customer" segment
  • Returned to the site 3 times
  • Received a proposal
  • Watched a demo
  • Made a payment

This table shows you how to combine a tactic and a goal along with how the search query would look.

Tactic Goal Search query example
Twitter Free trial referrer = twitter AND segment = free trial
Facebook Ad #1 Customer utm_source = fb_ad_1 AND segment = customer
Blogging Enterprise client entry page contains "blog" AND segment = enterprise
Google Adwords "dog" keyword payment-thank-you page keyword = dog AND page = payment-thank-you

What did this tactic accomplish?

Sometimes you'll want to see what happened as a result of your tactics without a specific end goal. It could be that your ultimate goal doesn't happen often or you are in the early stages of trying a tactic.

For example, if you run an ad campaign targeting highly valuable enterprise clients it may take a few months to know if that campaign generates a single client. However, that doesn't mean you can't evaluate how effective that tactic is likely to be based on other indicators.

The examples of tactics are the same as above, you just don't have a specific goal. You might type in a referrer like "Facebook" into the search and look for positive indicators. Here are a few things that may indicate that a tactic will be effective:

  • Viewed multiple pages on a visit.
  • Viewed key pages (pricing, product pages, about us etc)
  • Returned to your site multiple times.
  • Took an action like a free trial, email signup or a phone call
  • Contacts have important attributes you are targeting (title, location, company size, demographics etc)

What tactics led to this goal?

People don't usually become customers after a single visit to your website. It can take multiple touchpoints or tactics before they become customers. But doing a search for a certain segment or goal page will limit the contacts displayed to just contacts who belong to that segment or hit that page.

Scrolling through the results of that group will show you why those people first came to your site, what they did once they were there and what caused them to come back.

In this search, you'll just enter the goal and look for the patterns in the results displayed.

  • Referrer - Are customers coming from a common referring website?
  • Entry page - Are customers entering the site on a common entry page like a blog post or landing page?
  • Parameters - Is there a common ad, keyword or audience that customers come from?
  • Pages - Are there pages that customers usually read before buying ?

What tactics work best?

If you're doing multiple tactics, you'll probably want to see which tactics do best. Tend's reports organize your contacts and visits to show you how well each tactic is doing.

Learn about Tend's reports → here