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Everything that matters on one page

Find out which marketing tactics make people take action. See a full history of what people do on your website and pull in important events from other software.

Having all of this information on one page makes it easy to see exactly which efforts drive the results you care about.

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Popular features
  • Action Summary
  • Sync data via Zapier
  • Contact bios
  • Export to csv
  • Advanced search
  • Minimal setup

Turn information into smart actions

Personalize your marketing and sales efforts based on information from Tend. Build custom automations with Tend's API or use Tend’s Zapier integration to trigger automated actions with the marketing software you already use.

With Zapier, you can set up simple automations in minutes without a developer.

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Popular features
  • Zapier integration
  • Audience segmenting
  • Robust API
  • Dynamic content
  • Data sync
  • Automated funnels

Automate your marketing with tools you already use

Create smart marketing automation workflows based on the data inside of Tend. Use the Tend API or use our Zapier integration to get things running with no code required.

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Full history on and off your site

Get a full history of each person’s activity on your site from their first visit. Find out what first got them to your site, what drew them back, what they read and what made them take action.

Pull in important activity or milestones from other software to see payments, order details, CRM activity or additional demographic data.

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Popular features
  • Social profiles
  • Outside events
  • Cross-channel
  • Smart merging
  • Cross-device
  • No code setup

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