How does the Tend tracking work?

Step 1: Anonymous Contacts

When a visitor first comes to your site, they are anonymous and Tend will show you the following information:

  • Referring website
  • Pages visited on your site
  • UTM parameters (learn more)
  • ValueTrack parameters (learn more)
  • Location (based on IP address)

Step 2: Identified Contacts

When someone enters their email address on any form on your site, Tend will associate any previous and future visit data with that contact. In addition to the email address, about 40% of the time Tend will also show you other biographical information on that person including:

  • Name
  • Title
  • Company
  • Bio
  • Location
  • Social links (Twitter, Linkedin, Facebook, etc)

When Tend cannot find biographical information, Tend will display the email address of that contact.

Tend cannot show you any personally identifiable information on that contact until they provide you their email address.

Automatic merging

Sometimes people will use two different emails when they fill out your forms. For example, they might use one email to sign up for your newsletter and another one when they purchase something. When this happens Tend will merge the two email addresses into one profile.

At the bottom of each profile page you can see any merged contacts.

Un-merging devices

Un-merging a device, will create an entirely new profile with the given device (and all associated emails).

It's not possible to un-merge an email, if a unique device, is not associated with that email. In that case, you can only delete the email.

Deleting emails

You can also delete an email from a device by clicking "delete" next to the device at the bottom of a profile page.

Admin Exceptions

A visitor can be flagged as an “Admin” if their email’s domain, is the same as the site where Tend is installed. Ryan owns the site If Ryan visits and logs in with, he is flagged as an “Admin”.

Admin profiles will not be merged, with new devices.

For example, it’s a common scenario for Admin users to enter multiple emails into the app. For Ryan’s profile, he may have several emails associated with his profile.

  • If Bill, Jane or Sally ever visit the site from a new device, and enter their email, the email address will be dissociated with Ryan’s Admin account, and a new profile will be created.

Cross-device tracking

When people visit your site using a different device Tend will merge all data from that device with other devices once a user logins in with their email address.

You have the option to unmerge contacts that have been automatically merged on the profile page if they visited your site from different devices.


Pushing outside data to a contact

Once a contact is identified, you may also push outside information from other applications and associate that information with a contact. There are three main methods of pushing outside data to Tend:

  1. Zapier - Use Zapier to push data to Tend from hundreds of other software applications without a developer.
  2. TendID - Write custom code to push information about a new contact to Tend while a contact is on your website.
  3. Tend's API - Leverage the Tend API to push data to Tend even when a contact is not on your website.