Creating Segments

What segments are

Anytime someone enters their email into your website, Tend creates a contact. But, sometimes, it’s really useful to take a closer look at only certain groups of people.

We call these groups of people, segments. Here a few examples of segments:

  • Free Trials – People who signed up for a free trial.
  • Contact submissions – People who filled out a contact form.
  • Email subscribers – People who signed up to your email list.
  • Specific plan/product purchasers – People who signed up for a specific plan or bought a certain product.
  • Existing Logins – Existing customers who are logging in.
  • Paying customers – People who paid you money.
  • Lost customers – People who canceled or haven’t been back to your site in a while.
  • Highly interested leads – People who have come back to your site many times or visited your “pricing page”.

Uses for segments

Once you create your segments you can:

  • Analyze – See what websites, ads or blog posts are driving that segment.
  • Take action – Through our Zapier integration, you can send people customized emails, automatically post a note in your CRM or a thousand other things.

Here is how to create a segment in Tend:

  1. Click the segment icon > “create segment”.
  2. Name the segment (ie trials, customers leads)
  3. Enter the conditions you want a contact automatically added to a segment. Most commonly this is a page or combination of pages that a contact visits. ie. or
  4. Click “save segment”.

Adding a contact to a segment manually

When something happens to a contact offline, you may want to add a contact to Tend manually. For example, if you close a sale over the phone you might want to add that contact to the “customer” segment.

To add a contact to a segment manually:

  1. Find the contact by searching for their name or email address.
  2. Click on their name to get their profile page.
  3. Click “edit segments” and select the segment.

Adding contacts to a segment automatically with Zapier

You can automatically add contacts to segments automatically through our Zapier integration. For example, if someone makes a purchase through Stripe you could add that contact to a “customer” segment automatically.

To add contacts to a segment through Zapier:

  1. Login in to
  2. Click this invite link:
  3. Click “Make a Zap”
  4. Search for and select the application you want to connect Tend to.
  5. Search for and select Tend.

Filtering reports by segment

All reports can be filtered by a segment. Click the segment dropdown in the upper right corner to filter. Then any report will show only contacts that belong to that segment.