Install Tend on WordPress

Here's how to install Tend's tracking script on a Wordpress website:

Using our Wordpress Plugin

  1. Install the Plugin by searching for "Tend Tracking" from within your WP admin, and installing from there. Alternatively, navigate to our Tend Wordpress Plugin page, and install from there. alt

  2. Activate the Plugin alt

  3. Paste your tacking script into your WP Admin > Settings > Tend Tracking Script page. You can find your tracking script in your Tend Dashboard alt

Installing Manually

  1. Login to your Wordpress dashboard as an admin.
  2. Click “Appearance” > “Editor”
  3. Click on the “header.php” on the right sidebar.
  4. Find the closing tag.
  5. Copy and paste your tracking code right before the tag. (Your tracking code is in your Tend dashboard at “account” > “setup”.) tend_wp_install_editor
  6. Click “Update File”