Valuetrack parameters overview


With a simple copy and paste you can see Google Adwords keyword data (and other ad data) in Tend.

How to do it

  1. Login to Adwords.
  2. Click "settings" > "account settings" > "tracking" > next to "tracking template click "Edit"
  3. In the "tracking template" field, copy and paste this URL {lpurl}?&campaignid={campaignid}&adgroupid={adgroupid}&network={network}&creative={creative}&keyword={keyword}
  4. Click Save.


How it works

If you run ads on Google Adwords, you can track information about your ads using Google’s ValueTrack parameters. ValueTrack parameters are a URL parameter that you add to links from your ads. These parameters tell you information about the source of your ad clicks, like what keyword someone searched for or what ad creative they clicked on.

The nice thing about ValueTrack parameters is that you can copy and paste one URL in Adwords and all the parameters will be populated in the URL automatically as each ad is shown.

Here's a very simple example: {lpurl}?keyword={keyword}

Here's what will show up when the ad is show after someone searches "bacon" https:///

Then, this keyword will show up in Tend in the parameter report, dashboard and on individual profiles.

Parameters in Tend

ValueTrack parameters are now a standard part of the "parameter report" so you can associate parameters with conversions.

{campaignid} – The Adwords campaign ID.

{adgroupid} – The Adwords ad group.

{network} – What network the click came from: “g” for Google search, “s” for a search partner, or “d” for the Display Network

{creative} – A unique ID for your ad so that you can see the specific ad copy

{keyword} – For the Search Network, this is the keyword from your account that is matched to the search query. For the Display Network, this is the keyword from your account that is matched to the content.