Install Tend on a Jotform Form

There are two options to set up Tend using Jotform forms.

1. Modify how JotForm forms are embedded on your site.

To change this Go to "publish" > "embed" and copy and paste the Jotform code into your site.


Once you do that, the Tend tracking code will work.

2. Include the user's email address in the URL of a custom redirect page

With this option, when a user submits the form, they will be redirected to a thank you page on your site with their email address added to the end of the URL of the thank you page.{yourEmail16}

To set this up:

A. Find the custom email field in the form by clicking on the email address field, then click the "properties" button


B. In the "email properties" menu click the "advanced" tab


C. Scroll down to the "field details" section and copy or write down the "unique name". In this example it's "email4"


D. Under settings click on the "thank you page" section. Select "redirect to external link" and copy and paste this url and make sure to enter your site and replace the Xs with enter the "unique name" of the email field between the brackets.{XXXX}


Then after people submit the form, Tend will grab the email address from the URL and associate that person with all previous and future website activity.