Can I upload contacts to tend?

Yes! You can now upload contacts into Tend! To do so, click on your Account Settings > Upload Contacts. From there, you will be able to drag/drop a CSV file containing the contacts you'd like to upload.

The only required field is the email field. The order of the columns contained of the CSV file does not matter. Here is an example CSV file:

email, firstName, lastName, ip, favorite color, Bob, Jones,, red, Sally, Anderson, 54.452.235.235, blue

Pro Tip: Upload your contact's IP address to automatically identify your website anonymous visitor's based on their IP.

After uploading you be asked to match your CSV columns to the appropriate fields in Tend.


Tend will automatically match identified website visitors to your uploaded contacts. Perfect for seeing a more complete profile of your visitors. Uploading your contact's IP address will also help identify anonymous visitors.

Tend can't associate an uploaded contact with activity on your site until those contacts identify themselves which is usually done when they enter their email address into any form on your site, like a login form. But contacts can also be identified by the IP Address (mentioned above) through TendID, Tend's API or through a tracking link.