Dashboard Overview

Default View

The default dashboard view provides an overview of activity by "identified" contact. The default dashboard view displays are:

  • Contact profile information - name, title, bio, location and social media links.
  • Referrers - Websites that referred visits to your site.
  • Entry page - The page where a contact first entered your site.
  • Pages - The number and url of each page view.
  • Number of pages - The number of pages viewed.
  • Date - The date of each visit

Edit Columns

Clicking "edit columns" allows for custom views of additional data Tend has including:

  • UTM parameters - Details from any UTM parameters from links in ad campaigns, social media posts or email campaigns.
  • ValueTrack parameters - Dynamic parameters used in Google Adwords including campaignid, adgroupid, network, creative and keyword.
  • Events - Events from other applications that have been pushed to Tend like CRM data or customer payment data.
  • Network - Shows whether the visit was done on desktop or mobile.

"Identified Contacts" vs "All contacts"

By default Tend displays "identified contacts" who have been identified by Tend and associated with an email address. This view can be toggled to anonymous visits, which will show all contacts that have been not associated with an email address.


The search bar gives you quick access to all the data Tend has. Common searches include referrers, segments, utm parameters, valuetrack parameters and pages.

Combining searches is useful for tying different pieces of information together. For example, if you want to see which contacts came from a certain website, say “Facebook” for example, just type in the name of the website and you’ll see everyone who came from Facebook.

If you want to see contacts that looked a certain page, (like a blog post or pricing page), just type in the URL of the page.

You can also search for certain groups of people like leads, email subscribers or paying customers. These groups are called “segments”.

If you want to see customers that came from Google paid traffic just search for "Google paid" and then select your customer's segment.

All visits vs. partial visits

Sometimes you may not want to see all the visits and you can toggle this view by clicking the "all visits" dropdown. For example, you might want to look at just the first visits of contacts or see visits only up to the point someone became a customer.


Change the grouping of visits is helpful if you want to look at how people behave on your site from a referrer like Facebook, without seeing the other referrer visits. You can group the visits by session or page view by clicking "group by contact".

Save view

Once you’ve customized the views and searches you want you can save the configuration of the data displayed by clicking "save view".


To export the selected view of your data to a csv, click "export".