Resources to get the most of Tend

How can I use Tend’s Zapier integration?

Tend’s Zapier integration gives you access to connect Tend to hundreds of other software applications. To get started:

  1. Login to
  2. Click "make a zap"
  3. Search for and select "Tend"

There are two ways to think about how to use Tend with other applications

  1. Pull data in to Tend
  2. Push data out of Tend

Pull data in to Tend Typically, people pull data in to Tend when they want to tell Tend that something happened to a contact off of their website. For example, if you use Stripe to process credit cards and someone upgraded from a free trial to a paying customer you could push that data from Stripe into Tend via the Stripe integration. This is very helpful when your website doesn’t capture that upgrade.

Push data out of Tend Tend can do a lot of simple, but powerful, things to help you customize your marketing and sales efforts. Let’s say you have a big client that you issue a proposal to. You could set up an alert so that Tend will tell you when they come back to your site.

Tend can also help with light-weight marketing automation. For example, if someone looks at a particular product page you could push that person to a special Mailchimp list so that they receive emails about that product.