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A full history on and off your site

Tend’s contact history shows you every interaction contacts make with your site from their very first visit. But you can also push custom information to Tend through Zapier or our API to see payments, order details, sales milestones or custom demographics.

Who they are

Whenver someone enters their email into a form field, Tend will pull in any available biographical information automatically like:

  • Name
  • Title
  • Bio
  • Company
  • Location
  • Social media links
  • Profile picture
  • Device type

Gavin Belson
CEO, Hooli
 Silicon Valley, CA


Where they came from

See every referring website and ad for each visitor to your site over long periods of time and across devices. You’ll see:

  • Websites
  • Ad copy
  • Email newsletters
  • Blog posts
  • Social media
  • Paid keywords
  • Affiliate links
  • Retargeting ads
  • Facebook | ad 123
  • Google Adwords | keyword: “how to get rich”
  • Blog post | title: gosh darn it people like me

What they did

In addition to seeing what people do on your site, you can push custom events from other to see:

  • Number of visits
  • Pages viewed
  • Purchases
  • Order details
  • Video plays
  • CRM & sales activity
  • Webinars
  • Proposals
  • Visited | sassy-pants-product-page
  • Payment | $50
  • Order details | Medium red sassy pants

Organize contacts by segment

Group your contacts by segment based on who they are and what actions they take on or off your site. Use segments to figure out what causes groups to take action or create custom marketing for different segments.

Page activity

Add people to a segment based which pages they viewed, which sites they came from or how often they’ve come to your site

Off-site behavior

Add people to a segment when they make a payment, schedule a demo or take any other action that happens off of your site.

Biographical info

Group people based on title, company information, region, demogrpahics or other biographical information.

Upload and sync

Upload information about contacts you want to see inside of Tend and automatically sync data between Tend and the other software you use.

Upload information

Upload payment history, biographical information, CRM activity ot any other information to see it inside of Tend.

Keep your info in sync

Sync alll your information between Tend and other software through the Tend API or use Zapier to move data without a developer.

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