Deliver customized marketing with tools you already use

Pull in and see data that matters

Creating an effective marketing system starts with useful information. Tend already makes it easy see what’s happening on your website. With Tend’s Zapier integration or API, you can easily pull in important information from the other software tools you use.

Tend data

Tend provides rich information about contacts as well as where they came from and what they did once they are on your site. This is a solid foundation to build customized marketing, power alerts, or trigger workflows. Here are a few pieces of info Tend to build from:

  • Pages viewed
  • Visit frequency
  • Ad performance
  • Contact profile & bio
  • Paid keywords
  • Device details

Outside data

With Tend’s Zapier integration and API, it’s easy to push important events and other information to Tend. Combined with the data Tend already provides, you can create unique, customized marketing and workflows.

  • Customer payments
  • Order details
  • Detailed demographics
  • Proposal status
  • Interest level
  • Sales call results

Customized marketing in every tool you use

Use the data inside Tend to create workflows or customized marketing with other software tools you currently already use. Send a custom email, trigger a to-do in your CRM, or show targeted ads to people, all based on their behavior.

Easily turn data into smart actions

Here are just a few ways to put some of your data into action. All of these can be done without a developer by using Zapier.

  •  Emma E entered her email on page /step-1
  •  Emma E left your site
  •  Emma E added to “abandon” segment
  •  added to "abandoned" mailing list
  •  added to "abandoned" mailing list
  •  added to "abandoned" mailing list
  •  Dillon T has “CEO” title
  •  Dillon T viewed the /enterprise-plan page
  •  Dillon T added to “interested executive” segment
  •  shown “interested executive” ads
  •  shown ads that highlight the enterprise plan
  •  shown sponsored post for “interested executive”
  •  Avelyn E attended webinar
  •  Avelyn E visited site 5 times
  •  Avelyn E added to “interested” segment
  •  added note to profile “attended webinar”
  •  created to do “follow up with Avelyn E”
  •  Addison T added to “proposal issued” segment
  •  Addison T visited home page
  •  message posted to “sales” channel

Marketing customized for humans

Tailor your marketing based on who people are and where they are in the buying process.

Customized marketing makes your message resonate and your marketing work.

Customized integrations ready to go. No code required


With Tend’s Zapier integration, creating marketing automations only takes minutes, and you don’t need a developer to do it. Here are some pre-configured templates you can get up and running in minutes.

See events in Tend
When you send events to Tend, you’ll see information from other applications inside of Tend. Events show up on each contact’s profile and can be seen on the dashboard. Search for events and create segments based on them to easily see everyone associated with an event.

Get notifications
Get notified when something important happens inside of Tend. Get a Slack notification when someone is added to a segment or visits a certain page, or receive an email when a contact abandons your checkout process.

Create to-dos
Set up to-dos when you need to follow up on a task or kick off a process for your team. Create a promotion to-do list when a blog post goes live, or create a Trello card to see why a new website is sending you traffic.

Sync CRM info
Keep your CRM info synced with Tend. Update your CRM when something happens in Tend and keep Tend up to date when records or actions are added or altered in your CRM.