by Marty Thomas
Jun 13 '16

Tend’s API

Knowing where your customers came from is only the beginning. The real value in Tend lies in doing something with that data.

  • You want to alert your sales team if a contact visits a particular page?
  • You want to see where all of the customers that paid you more than $10K last year came from?
  • You want to add everybody that downloads a white paper into a follow up email campaign?
  • You want to create a new contact in your CRM when they fill out your contact form?

You can do all of this, and more, through our new API.

When you look at Tend in this way, it starts to become a sort-of operating system for all of your marketing efforts. This is a very intriguing concept that Ryan and I, and I’m sure will continue be a big part of Tend moving forward.

Have an idea for some sort of integration like this? Let us know, we’d be happy to help make it a reality.

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