by Marty Thomas
Jun 13 '16 is live!

Over the weekend we launched, the new domain for Tend. We’re super excited about getting the domain. It feels much better than, and will help out considerably with branding/name recognition.

tend analytics

Perfect timing for the Paul Graham’s Change Your Name post. He argues that if your company name is X, and you don’t own, then you should change your name because people won’t be able to find you.

Although we don’t have, I’d argue that .io is a close second. Here are some other software companies with .io domains (and I don’t think people are having a hard time finding them) To purchase the domain, we wen’t through DomainAgents, and got introduced to the current owner living in France. We quickly came to an agreement, and were proud owners of a new domain just a day later.

Now it’s time to put the domain to work…

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