by Ryan Evans
Sep 05 '17

See which marketing tactics drive customers with MoonClerk and Tend

We've come a long way when it comes to taking payments online. You don't have to build a billing system from the ground up like you did in the old days. But accepting payments is still not super simple.

Stripe is an option, but if you want to set up recurring payments or have a basic billing system Stripe isn't enough.

A developer can build a billing system on top of Stripe, but that's not cheap or simple when you need to handle recurring payments, issue invoices or set up failed transaction notifications.

There are software solutions for accepting payments but many are inflexible, confusing or require a good bit of technical know how.

About MoonClerk

And then there is MoonClerk. MoonClerk is a really great solution for accepting and managing payments. You can set it up quickly. It's flexible, affordable and simple to use.

alt Oh, and they have a slick Zapier integration so it's easy to connect to Tend. One really useful thing you can do with this integration is push customer payment data into Tend.

When you set this up, every time you get a new customer, you'll know exactly how they found you. And you'll know which marketing efforts are driving paying customers.

Here are a few other reasons to push MoonClerk payments to Tend.

See which marketing tactics drive sales

When you push MoonClerk customer payments into Tend you'll see exactly which marketing tactics are driving sales. For example, you can search for "Facebook" along with "$100" and see all of the contacts that came from Facebook and spent $100.

View the full customer lifecycle

A big problem with many analytics tools is that they focus on clicks, rather than people. So if someone clicks on a Google Ad and buys something right away, you'll probably see that Google Ad resulted in a conversion.

But what happens when that customer leaves and comes back six months later? Or what happens when that customer leaves, clicks on a retargeting ad, reads a blog post and finally buys something when they come directly to your website?

This is usually how people usually buy. People rarely see one ad and then spend a bunch of money. It usually takes multiple touch points. This more realistic buying behavior is lost in most analytics reports. But with Tend and MoonClerk, you can see that full process from the first click all the way to a purchase and beyond, even when it takes months or years.

Create segments based on payments

When you create a segment in Tend you can group people based on the actions they took. So when you push payments to Tend, you can create segments for "paying customers", "premium subscribers", "big spenders" or whatever other group matters to you. When you do this, you'll see which tactics drive these groups of people.

Not all customers are created equal, so knowing what drives better customers is the key to understanding how profitable a campaign or tactic is.

Track conversions without a "thank you" page

Conversion tracking doesn't work very well, or at all, if you don't have a specific thank you page. You may have a free trial that's based on time or your site may not have a thank you page. But using payments as a metric instead of using a goal page means you don't need a thank you page.

Create automations

Combining payment information and analytics data can yield valuable insight. But with Zapier, you can put that insight into action with alerts or automated workflows. For example, you can get notified when a particular ad generated a paying customer. Or, you can create a reminder to reach out if someone comes to your site more than 10 times, but hasn't become a customer yet.

View customer background information

With Tend's profile information, you can see the title, location, bio and even social media profiles for many of your customers. You may find that your customers all have a certain title, are clustered geographically or have a certain demographic profile.

Knowing who your customers are can help you choose more effective channels and hone your messaging.

Watch the video above to see how to set up this Zapier template or go to our template page to get started here:

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