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by Ryan Evans
Feb 20 '17

Matchnode podcast

I talked to Chris Madden at Matchnode on the Matchnode podcast about marketing, analytics, cross device tracking analytics, privacy and attribution.

If you're a marketing nerd or just want to understand analytics this is worth a listen.

Here is Matchnode show notes

Here's a brief outline of the conversation:

1:22 - 3:36 - Why most people don’t look at Google Analytics:

4:49 - 8:29 - Attribution and understanding marketing as a story.

9:00 - 9:50 - The importance of “people-based” analytics. Attribution and understanding marketing as a story.

14:46 - 15:10 - The value of Tend beyond Google analytics

16:08 - 19:12 - How the Tend tracking works

22:20 - 24:53 - Is tracking creepy?

23:53 - 24:30 - Privacy and the business model of the internet

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