by Ryan Evans
Jun 13 '16

Integrate Stripe with Tend through Zapier

One of our goals at Tend is to track your customers entire history from the first time they click on an ad to being a customer and even if (God forbid) they cancel.

Any time one of your customers or contacts visits any page on your site, you can see that in Tend. However, sometimes important events happen that don’t actually occur on a particular page. For example, if you close a sale over the phone or if someone makes a purchase without hitting a special page, Tend isn’t able to capture that information.

To solve this problem, we’ve added an integration with Zapier so that any time an event happens in another software you can let Tend know. For example, if someone signs up for a paid account using a third party payment provider like Stripe you can tag the person as “paid customer” in Tend. What’s nice about that, is that you can then see what websites, ads or blog posts are driving paying customers.


Below is a step by step instruction on how to integrate with Stripe via Zapier.

  1. Login to Zapier and click “Make a new Zap”

  2. Click “Choose a Trigger App” and select “Stripe. Then click “Choose a Trigger” and select “New Customer” (You could also choose other triggers for other use cases.)

  3. “Choose an Action App” an select “Tend”. Then click “Choose an Action” and select “Tag Existing Contact”

  4. Connect your Stripe and Tend accounts.

  5. (Optional) Add a filter to only add a certain type of customer

  6. In the email field, click “Insert Fields”, then select “Email”

  7. In the tag names field, select the name of the tag you’d like to apply to this contact. For example “paid customer”. (Note that you need to create the tag in Tend before it will show up here as an option)

  8. Click “Test Stripe Trigger”

  9. Enter a name for your Zap in the “name this zap” field and click “Turn Zap on”

Boom. You’re done.

Now you’ll be able to look at this group of people in Tend and see campaign, referrer and entry page information for that group of people.

Two advanced use cases

Here are a couple other use cases for tagging contacts in Tend with data from Stripe:

1. Premium customers – Tags people who sign up for a premium plan or who spend over a certain amount of money. Since you can filter campaign, referrer and entry page data based on tags you can see what’s driving your most valuable customers. Sometimes certain ads or referrers send better customers.

2. Cancellations – Tag people who have cancelled their accounts. Looking at just the people who have cancelled may help you spot ads or referrers that get people to initially sign up but don’t become long-term customers.

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