by Marty Thomas
Jun 13 '16

Auto-ID Website Visitors

Tend typically works by identifying visitors when they fill out a form on your website. By filling out the form, the visitor is letting Tend know who they are, taking them from an “anonymous” visitor, to an “identified” visitor. Today, we released a feature that allows you to automatically identify the visitor based on the URL. This allows you to identify visitors without requiring them to enter their email address into a form.

For example – say your sending out emails to customers/prospects. The email may look something like this:


Wouldn’t it be interesting to see if Joe actually ended up clicking on the link? Even cooler, wouldn’t it be nice to see exactly what pages Joe ended up visiting. Or, if he ends up coming back again in the future? You can do this by auto identifying Joe.

Here is how it works.

When composing your emails, you simply have to add the contact’s email address to the end of the link. In our case, we would edit the link’s URL to be:

By adding ? to the end of the URL, we are letting Tend know that this visitor is Joe Customer.


You can also add the first and last name to the URL like so:

Now, Tend will know not only the customers email address, but also their first and last name. When Joe visits the website, you will see him identified in Tend’s dashboard.


And that’s it! With Tend’s Auto-ID feature, there is no more guessing who your most interested/engaging prospects and customers are.

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