See all your website & business info on one page

Pull in information from anywhere

Pull in information from other software with or without a developer. See everything that matters on one customizable page so you know exactly what’s going on.

Answer hard questions with an easy search

Tend's simple search lets you search across all of your business data. Answer specific questions about marketing tactics, contacts, page activity, or create custom searches specific to your business.

Build custom views that matter to you

With Tend’s Advanced search, editable columns and custom grouping, you can build and organize different views.

Create views that highlight marketing performance, contact behavior or both and save the views you care about.

An example of what you’ll see...

Customers from Facebook that spent $100

See exactly how they find you

Tend bundles each interaction a contact makes to one profile. You’ll see every interaction people have even over long periods time and across devices. That way you understand what grabs people’s attention, what brings them back and what gets them to take action.

step 1

Google ad

step 2

blog post

step 3


step 4


step 5


Across devices

Automatically track interactions across your phone, tablet and multiple computers. Each visit is stored regardless of the device used.

Smart merging

Instead of creating a new contact profile when someone types in an alternative email address or makes a typo, Tend merges that information into one profile.

Multiple visits & referrers

Tend keeps track of every visit someone makes to your site, no matter where they come from or how long ago.

Export any view

Export any view to a csv for deeper analysis, or create custom reports in Excel or Google Sheets.